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Amazonite and Azurite Planetary Chip Bead Bracelet

Okay, so you teased her more than you probably had to. Could anybody blame you? She gets so flustered, so red-faced, her stoic, suave demeanor melting away to show the adorable dork beneath. But how could somebody not know Tracy Chapman? You'll have to play it for her on violin, eventually. But you make it up to her by leaning into her while she drives, making yourself small and warm in her arms. She likes that.

(You don't have the heart to tell her you knew she wasn't upset; you just like any excuse to lean into her. You also know that she knows. Something about being reincarnated soulmates will bring that kind of clarity. Who knew?)

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Type: Bracelets

Sku: JLR-BC-702

Protecting Your Fav

All jewelry items undergo a standard procedure to make sure they're high-quality enough to send out, and that they'll last longer once they're in your hands.

Protective Coating
All jewelry items (and many others) are covered in a few coats of protective coating before being sent out. First, they get coasted in an enamel top-coat. If I want a different finish (e.g. matte, pearlized, etc) then an additional coat of acrylic sealant is applied. This helps the pieces last longer, and they won't turn your skin green.

Handle With Care

Stress testing

When I'm designing a new piece, I put it through a variety of testing to see what it will take to break it. Sometimes this means pulling in different directions to see if it will break if it gets stuck on something (who among us hasn't...) or washing it vigorously to see if it will fade or face other deterioration if you forget to take it off before you shower (who among us hasn't...) or get in a pool. I only list new products when I'm confident they'll last through most circumstances.